Maulvi Bazar District

Map of Maulvi Bazar District.
Upazilas & Thanas:

Maulvi Bazar District (Sylhet division) with an area of 2799.39 sq km, is bounded by sylhet district on the north, Tripura state of India on the south, Assam and Tripura states of India on the east, and habiganj district on the west. Main rivers are manu, Dhalai, Juri, Gopala, etc; noted depressions: Hakaluki, Hail and Kawadighi Haors. Annual temperature: maximum 33.2°C, minimum 13.6°C; annual rainfall 3334 mm. The total forest area is 413.65 sq km (about 15% of the total area of the district); noted forest ranges are Patharia, Sanrer Gaz or Longla, Rajkandi and Vanugachh.